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3M Animal Care

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Contact: Suzanne Hart
Phone: 651-736-4920
Toll Free: 1-800-848-0829
Fax: 651-733-9151


3M Animal Care
3M Center Bldg 223-5N-03
Bldg. 223-5N-10
St Paul MN 55144-1000
United States

3M is a global innovation company that never stops inventing. Over the years, our innovations have improved daily life for hundreds of millions of people all over the world. We have made driving at night easier, made buildings safer, and made consumer electronics lighter, less energy-intensive and less harmful to the environment. We even helped put a man on the moon. Every day at 3M, one idea always leads to the next, igniting momentum to make progress possible around the world. We also do the same for animals. 3M Pet and Animal Care continues to develop practical and ingenious solutions to meet our customer needs. We have been serving the animal health industry over 40 years in providing high quality products and services to veterinary professionals, trainers and pet owners in both the companion animal and equine marketplace.


3M™ Vetcast™ Plus Veterinary Casting Tape: Can be used for all general casting and ?splinting needs.

3M™ Vetrap™ Bandaging Tape: Layers “bond” together to provide support bandages that stay put. Remember, if it doesn’t say 3M, it’s not Vetrap!

Animalintex® Poultice Pad: Convenient, ready-to-use poultice in a pad, not a bucket! Aids in wound healing and relieves minor stiffness and soreness.

Gamgee® Highly Absorbent Padding: A hospital quality 100% cotton roll with a non-woven, durable cover. Used as a wound dressing, protective padding and is highly absorbent.

3M™ Veterinary Elastic Adhesive Tape: A strong, conformable tape for securing bandages and other applications.

Activate Activated Carbon Dressing: A multi-layered dressing that helps promote rapid wound closure and cleansing by absorbing bacteria from the wound into the dressing.

3M™ Rundown Patches: Protection for performance horse’s fetlock point. 3M Rundown patches are made from tough, flexible, polyurethane film.

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