Burn-out is a danger to everyone who works. For farriers, as with other industries, it can occur when you become singularly focused on the day-to-day work.

I remember when Chris Gregory, Hall Of Fame farrier and head of the Heartland Horseshoeing School, told me about how he experienced burn-out early in his career. Times were tough, so he tried to shoe as many horses as possible. And as often happens, as many results in too many.

Gregory’s thoughts are on my mind after attending yesterday's clinic at Anvil Brand that featured Ben Magnan and Rob Mederos. We'll have more about this clinic on this site in the coming days, but around 80 farriers turned out for a day of education in Lexington, Ill.

Fitting in a clinic can be tough when you have a full book and are in a busy season. You have to look at it as an investment in your practice and yourself.