Craig Lindauer

Craig Lindauer

Craig Lindauer, APF, and his son Tim operate a successful farrier practice in Chardon, Ohio.



More Education Means More Quality Work, More Profit

The International Hoof-Care Summit is the perfect name for an event where farriers meet to enrich our profession, boost our knowledge and better our lives, along with the lives of the horses and owners we serve

Many of us make this journey each year to the peak, the top and the highest point of the footcare industry, where we are educated by the best minds in the hoof-care profession.

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Small Trailer, Big Savings

Ohio farrier downsizes to a smaller, streamlined shoeing trailer and more fuel-efficient vehicle to maintain profitability
We’ve seen so much of it in the news lately — large companies downsizing, trimming the fat and passing the costs along to the customer in order to stay ahead in a sagging economy as the costs of business begin to affect the bottom line.
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