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How To Convince Clients That Their Rehab Role Is Vital

Tips to get owners to stick to the plan while their horse is recovering from injury

The farrier, often with the help of a veterinarian, has treated a hoof problem and now it’s up to the horse owner to follow instructions for care during the rehabilitation. Sometimes it can be challenging to persuade the owner to be an active member of the team.

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Help Horse Owners Understand Climate Plays A Critical Role In Hoof Health

Ideal conditions can be created, even in less than ideal climates

Horses are kept in a wide variety of environments — indoors, outdoors, big pastures, small pens, every kind of footing imaginable — and climates, from the arid deserts of the Southwest to the rain forests of western Washington, humid tropical climates of Florida, or muddy springtime in Maine. The environment definitely impacts the health and structure of horses’ feet.

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Getting The Client’s Buy-In On Hoof Care

Farriers have various strategies to encourage horse owners to be involved in their horse’s footcare
When the owner takes an active role in hoof care the farrier and, ultimately, the horse are the beneficiaries. However, it can be difficult to get that buy-in with novice horse owners because many of them are new to owning horses and inexperienced in their understanding of equine care and handling.
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Nutrition: A Piece Of The Footcare Puzzle

Researchers share how our understanding of nutrition contributes to keeping hooves healthy
We know that proper nutrition is important for every function of living beings. In a general sense, horse people recognize this for equine hoof health. Research over the years regarding dietary needs of livestock and horses and its relation to hoof health have put science behind our observations.
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