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Saving Your Rotator Cuff

Tips and exercises to strengthen your muscles and help prevent injury
Being too busy to pursue a fitness program or finding exercise boring is no excuse for neglecting your rotator cuffs. Though you may not enjoy exercise, the one muscle group that all farriers should be concerned about above all others is rotator cuffs.
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Nearly one-third of all light trucks have at least one substantially under-inflated tire (8 pounds or more below the recommended tire pressure), creating the potential for deadly accidents. A survey by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration demonstrated that 20 percent of all light trucks have two or more under-inflated tires.

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The Fit Farrier

You As A Case Study

Proper body mechanics play an important part in longevity in our chosen profession. Bad backs, sore elbows and sore shoulders have plagued many shoers and undoubtedly sent a few to desk jobs.
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