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The Backyard Horse

The Year of the Backyard Horse

Introducing a new AFJ series that will zero in on what many farriers say provides the backbone of their shoeing book
The first “Shoeing For A Living” story that I ever did pretty much revolved around backyard horses.
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Hoof Care As Preventative Maintenance

Grant Moon urges farriers to head off problems in advance during final Wagon Mound Ranch Supply shoeing clinic
Grant Moon sees horseshoeing, in part, as a program of preventative maintenance. He told about 75 horseshoers at a clinic at Wagon Mound Ranch Supply in Solano, N.M., that a big part of their job is preventing injuries while maximizing performance.
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Farrier Business Still Looking Good

Data gleaned from the latest American Farriers Journal survey indicates the hoof-care business is holding its own and doing better than other areas of the equine industry
Just as is true with the real estate market, location plays a key role in the average annual gross income earned by farriers.
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Booting Up Footcare Options

Farriers are finding boots offer many benefits other than just with barefoot horses
Selecting the proper boot and getting the right fit for a given situation is usually the difference between success and failure. Boots can be dangerous and unreliable when fit by untrained owners or trainers.
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Online with the Farriers' Forum

A Friesian's Hooves Crack and Fold

Q: About a year ago, I purchased a recently imported Friesian and brought him to Southern California. He was shod at the time, but I prefer barefoot so figured I should give it a try.
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Alternatives to Traditional Shoes

Having proved themselves much more than a fad years ago, non-metal shoes have become essential tools for many farriers in helping horses
Non-metal horseshoes, in their most rudimentary form, date back to the ancients with a grass sandal protecting the hoof. In the modern era, as technology advanced, farriers gained a variety of options made from synthetic materials.
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An owner's choice of a farrier can have a significant impact not only on hoof shape, but also on a horse's soundness and athletic ability as well, indicates a Switzerland researcher.

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