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Experience Calgary in Your Own Shop

Here’s your chance to be part of an extraordinary learning experience while expanding your forging skills
It’s been a full decade since the annual Mail-In Forging Exercise was established to help you expand your shoe-building skills.
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Expand Your Forging Knowledge Without Leaving Home!

The Calgary Mail-In Forging Exercise is an outstanding learning experience and a great way to expand your footcare skills
Now in its ninth year, the Mail-In Forging Exercise offers you a highly educational opportunity to expand your forging skills and earn a wide variety of valuable farrier products while being an important part of the World Championship Blacksmiths' Competition held each July in Calgary, Alberta.
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Expand Your Forging Skills By Mail

As part of this year's mail-in forging exercise, you'll receive a personalized analysis of your forging skills without even leaving home
If you want to know the many benefits of being part of this year's mail-in forging exercise, nobody can explain it better than shoers who've been a part of this remarkable event over the past 6 years.
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Calgary Mail In

World-Wide Forging Masterpieces

Shoers from 11 countries honed their forging skills in this year’s mail-in forging exercise

For the first time in the 6-year history of the mail-in forging exercise, the top shoe was forged by an overseas farrier. This lateral bar shoe with a masselotte clip was forged by Lars Andersen of Herning, Denmark.

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Forge Mettle

Forging Mettle

Red Hoot 2004 Calgary Mail-In Forging Exercise challenges farrier skills

FARRIERS WILL HAVE the opportunity to see how their forging skills rate compared to those of their shoeing peers from around the world during this summer’s Mail-In Forging Exercise at the 2004 World Championship Blacksmiths’ Competition in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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Shop Talk

Ernst Family Serves 100 Years As Official Kentucky State Fair Farrier
Since the Kentucky State Fair’s world championship horse show started in 1903, nobody but a member of the Ernst family has served as the official show farrier.
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Dare To Learn!

The challenge is to see how your forging skills stack up with other farriers from around the world in this educational forging exercise that more than pays for itself
Now in its fourth year, the innovative mail-in forging exercise that’s co-sponsored by the World Championship Blacksmiths’ Competition — held each year during the Calgary Stampede — and American Farriers Journal, is once again offering a tremendous opportunity to expand your forging skills.
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That’s the unbelievable value of farrier products earned by 71 mail-in forging exercise participants
With an astounding eight-fold increase from participating shoers in a year’s time and outstanding support from 47 farrier suppliers, the 2001 mail-in forging exercise was a rip-roaring success.
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