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$300 For A Shoeing Job

To some this is just an old invoice. But as a farrier, I see the history of our trade. It also tells me of the value of a farrier. The invoice on this page is from services performed by farrier Daniel Ward for the New York City Fire Department. These horses would pull the fire engine.
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Farrier Q&A: July/August 2016

Do you offer multi-horse discounts? If not, why not? If yes, how do you structure them?
A: I don’t offer multi-horse discounts for a variety of reasons: 1 My safety and chances of being hurt are the same whether I trim one or more than one horse at the same location. 2 My insurance costs don’t change nor do the costs of my tools, planning for capital expense purchases, marketing, repairs and maintenance on my vehicle and the cost of shipping for supplies I order.
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Farrier Tips: Ask Yourself These Questions

You should increase your prices on a regular interval, such as once a year. Farriers are paid for the value they bring to the marketplace. It is useful to assess that value to determine a price structure that is representative of what the services are worth.
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Analyze Your Business By The Numbers

In the only extensive farrier business practices survey of its kind, here’s your chance to see how you stack up against the averages

 Over the past 2 years, the typical full-time farrier in the United States has boosted the income for his or her hoof-care business by three and one-half times the average 1.9 percent inflation rate — by 7 percent or an average of $5,454 per year.

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