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Online Extras: May/June 2015 Issue

Web-exclusive content for this issue includes:

  • Farrier Kyle Crawford discussing keeping an open mind
  • Video of Jim Quick building a heart bar
  • Marc Jerram's research and standardized method of calculating limb symmetry in pairs of forelimbs
  • Videos of farrier Pablo Calderon's working on a canker case
  • 2015 National Farriers Week Certificate
  • Article about the process for preserving equine specimens for long-term study
  • Physical restraints vs. chemical restraints

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Thoughts On Medial-Lateral Balance

Colorado farrier Jim Quick shares food for thought on trimming and shoeing for a balanced foot
If you go to a Jim Quick clinic expecting him to dictate how you should shoe a horse, you’re at the wrong clinic. Instead, the Niwot, Colo., farrier says his purpose is to not give instructions to tell other farriers how to shoe, but to share his thoughts on how he does the job. Quick did just that at Bruce Daniels Memorial Clinic in early April when he suggested points of consideration regarding medial-lateral balance.
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Farrier How-To

Managing the Base-Narrow Horse

When you come across a base-narrow horse due to medial-lateral imbalance, this approach could address the issue within two shoeings
If you shoe horses, you’ll come across base-narrow, high-inside heeled horses.
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Using Diagnostic Imaging to Pinpoint Foot Problems

The vital information that technology can provide is another reason for farriers to work closely with veterinarians
Many new diagnostic techniques and imaging modalities have come into use and it can often be challenging to understand which ones might be best suited for a given lameness problem. It is also important to know when to use these tools.
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Jessie Valenzuela

They Can’t Get Enough On Balance

The topic of how to shoe a horse for his own conformation always comes up whenever farriers, vets get together
For several years, farriers in Northern California have been holding farrier-veterinarian forums to help improve communication between the two professions.
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Tee It Up

A T-square is a low-tech tool that pays off for farriers in making an accurate assessment of the foot

Much like the hoof gauge, using the T-square is a basic tool that can go a long way toward accurately assessing medial-lateral balance.

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Jim Keith

The Homemade Hoof

Hall Of Fame farrier Jim Keith offers his own take on hoof balance and how it can change with the conditions that the horse calls home

It's called horseshoeing, not footshoeing, says Jim Keith, explaining why he rejects the traditional approach of aligning the hoof-pastern axis as the starting point for bringing a hoof into balance.

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Using the Roller Motion Shoe

Therapeutic shoe slope and raised heels are useful in dealing with a variety of hoof abnormalities
Wouldn't it be great if all horses had correct, perfect or nearly perfect conformation? Then hooves could be easily shod and balanced, the horses would be sound and their owners would be pleased. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has spoiled this farrier dream. In the real world of horseshoeing, neither horses nor their hooves are perfect.
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