Here are the top 10 stories in terms of page views from the past month on

  1. AVMA Proposes Elimination Of Farrier Exemption From Veterinary Practice Act
  2. AVMA Clarifies Proposed Farrier Exemption Elimination, Shifts Onus Onto States
  3. What About The Horse?
  4. Monica Thors Sentenced To Probation In New Jersey Animal Cruelty Case
  5. A Better Way To Remove A Toe Clip From A Concave Shoe
  6. Free At Last!
  7. AFA and AAPF Weigh In On AVMA's Proposed Farrier Exemption Elimination
  8. Dealing With Thrush And White Line Disease
  9. Charges Filed In Fatal Accident
  10. $300 For A Shoeing Job

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