Each Friday morning, we will be sharing several facts and figures that will be helpful in seeing how you measure up business-wise with other farriers. This edition of Friday's Farrier Facts & Figures is sponsored by Markel Insurance Co. To read more from this series, click here.

Charge For Trips

Only 26% of full-time farriers charge a mileage fee, one that averages 70 cents per mile.

— 2016 American Farriers Journal Farrier Benchmark Study

What Are The Major Health Concerns With Foals?

Data from a USDA 2015 equine industry report shows the percentage of equine operations facing different health issues with foals from birth to 6 months of age during the past year:

  • 10.0% of the operations were faced with injury, wound or trauma concerns with foals.
  • 7.2% of the operations dealt with lameness, leg or hoof problems with foals.
  • 7.2% of the operations dealt with digestive concerns such as diarrhea in foals.
  • 4.2% of the equine operations had foals with respiratory concerns, such as pneumonia or strangles.
  • 2.9% of the operations had foals with colic worries.
  • 2.7% of the operations had eye concerns with one or more foals.
  • 1.4% of the operations dealt with skin problems in their foals.
  • 0.9% had behavioral problems that were unusual, affected the animal’s use or foal safety.
  • 0.1% of the operations dealt with reproductive tract concerns in their foals.

— Changes in the U.S. Equine Industry Report, 1998-2015, U.S. Department of Agriculture