Myerscough College farrier students partnered with the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon, U.K., to learn about donkey footcare.  

Colin Goldsworthy, the sanctuary’s senior farrier, taught the workshop along with the center’s coordinator Pam Moon and veterinary surgeon Dr. Jo Golizsek.

“It’s an important skill for them to learn, as donkeys’ heels grow three times faster than their toes, so their feet have to be trimmed differently to horses,” Goldsworthy told FE Week.

This is Goldsworthy’s 12th year leading the workshop for Myerscough students.

“The students are keen to learn and it’s very rewarding to see them enjoying it so much. I’m pleased that they’ve learned plenty from the day,” he says.

After the workshop, the students worked with visiting donkeys from Blackpool.