Clinton Anderson of Downunder Horsemanship is pleased to announce his partnership with FormaHoof.

Anderson is a clinician, horse trainer and competitor who has dedicated his life to helping others realize their horsemanship dreams. FormaHoof, a division of Dubai-based D2M Solutions, manufactures unique, patent-pending products that are developed with cutting-edge technologies and provide the most advanced hoof care in the equine industry.

“The FormaHoof team is extremely passionate about the well-being of horses and has put extensive research into their line of products. I truly believe they are set to transform the equine industry and how we handle our horses’ hooves,” Anderson says.

The FormaHoof system has been adapted for specific uses on horses, depending on a horse’s lifestyle and workload, and any hoof issues the horse may be facing. FormaHoof offers three types of molds available in five sizes to fit all horse’s needs.

FormaHoof Reform can be used to support a quick return of laminitic or deformed hooves to their normal function. The high-grade silicon mold is easy to use and apply to the hoof. It allows for multiple treatment options.

FormaHoof Barefoot creates a natural hoof wall and sole extension that mimics the natural functions of the hoof, a great molded shoe option for barefoot horses. No nails are needed and the thin profile application allows for comfort and support for the hoof.

FormaHoof Performance is a slim fit and aesthetically pleasing molded shoe that has optimized the performance of equine athletes in field trials. It gives comfortable and durable support, despite the various demands of training programs. FormaHoof Performance significantly reduces risks related to traditional shoeing and helps maintain optimum hoof health.