The organization brought in Cindy, a 20-year-old Belgian mare, in October.

Cindy was up for auction in New York, when an attendee reached out to Draft Gratitude with concern for the mare’s health. Cindy was purchased and brought to New Hampshire where the organization’s veterinarian and farrier saw her the next day.  

They found poorly fitted shoes. Radiographs showed no anatomical reason for their peculiarity. Farrier Chad Bacon corrected what he could and fitted her with new shoes to make her more comfortable while her hooves grew out.

Cindy showed other health problems over the following 2 weeks. Radiographs of her skull showed a sinus infection and a suspicious tooth. Antibiotics were started to address these problems.

“Although Cindy came to us appearing quite healthy from first glance, she has needed a significant amount of veterinary care,” according to Rebecca Roy, founder of Draft Gratitude, in an article for the Keene Sentinel

Physical ailments aside, Cindy has been doing well at Draft Gratitude.

“She has been safe with her hooves, and gentle and patient with all of her new caregivers,” Roy says.

Those interested in helping Draft Gratitude with their mission of rehabilitating and caring for unwanted draft horses can find more information on their website.