American demand is propelling rapidly expanding sales for United Kingdom-based unconventional shoeing company Glushu, according to BDaily.

Launched in 2015, Glushu produces horseshoes made of rubber, plastic and forged aluminum. The product’s application lacks nails, favoring acrylic glue instead.

The company’s glue-on shoes were originally developed for horses with damaged hooves to allow them to heal without the interference of nails.

Glushu Director John Wright discussed market differences with BDaily.

“The U.S. market is a much easier territory to sell into than the U.K. They have big ranches and so many horses — and riders often like to go on long trails lasting days at a time,” he says. “It’s much more convenient for them to carry our products, rather than heavy tools, in the event that a horseshoe comes off.”

Wright also attributes the company’s success in the United States to legal differences.

“Unlike in the U.K., where shoes must legally be fitted by a qualified farrier, anyone can shoe horses there so they are keen for anything that makes the process easier,” says Wright. 

The company established a relationship with Kentucky Horseshoeing School and a contract with a Florida distributor.

Glushu’s growth is also supported by innovate2succeed, a program by RTC Growth, a business management group based in England. The program receives support from the European Regional Development Fund and Innovate U.K. to partner with Newcastle University to develop more effective gluing methods for use in exceptional climates.