The company added a molasses flavored version of Equithrive Joint to their product line.

“We formulated Equithrive Joint Molasses Flavor for horses that are particularly difficult when it comes to supplement administration. The natural molasses flavor used in this new formulation makes the supplement extremely palatable,” Dr. Patrick Lawless, president of Biological Prospects, says in a press release.

“The sugar content of the new Equithrive Joint Molasses Flavor formulation does not exceed the low sugar content in the original Equithrive Joint formulation, which is a negligible 4.5%.”

The new product features the same benefits of resveratrol, known to the public as the healthy ingredient in red wine, to aid healthy inflammatory response in horses.

The molasses flavor will be offered in the same packaging options (2-lb and 8-lb containers) and at the same cost as the original for customers in the U.S. and Canada.