Santa Cruz Animal Health's UltraCruz Equine Advanced Hoof Supplement for Horses is formulated with biotin that helps support healthy hooves. It is a comprehensive supplement made with high quality minerals and nutritional building blocks, including biotin, an essential ingredient of Equine Advanced Hoof Supplement, which has been shown to be involved in energy generation, protein metabolism and fatty acid synthesis to support horse hoof strength and hoof growth.

Equine Advanced Hoof Supplement is specially designed with premium and important nutrients, like Biotin, in combination with essential cell building blocks such as L-Lysine and trace minerals like copper and zinc to support and promote hoof health and growth. It is ideal for horses, including performance horses; senior horses and weaned foals with weak, brittle, chipped and cracked hooves.

Equine Advanced Hoof Supplement comes in an easy to use pelleted product, which helps reduce waste associated with supplements in powder form. It is also available as UltraCruz Singles — convenient, pre-measured, single servings that stay fresh and ensure accurate serving sizes.

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