Chuck Lauchner, a policeman and farrier from Virginia Beach, N.C., reflects on the end of an unusual career.

According to the Princess Anne Independent News, the Virginia Beach Mounted Patrol is about to lose both a police officer with 23 years of experience and the unit’s farrier, with Lauchner’s retirement.

Lauchner entered the mounted patrol unit’s academy in 1994. “I barely knew enough to stay on a horse,” Launcher told the Princess Anne Independent News.

His passion for horses drove him beyond mere membership in the mounted police force.

Lauchner began working with a civilian farrier 15 years ago, learning the profession as a side job. He began shoeing area horses free-of-charge as he learned.

When the force’s farrier retired, Lauchner took over.

The Princess Anne Independent News visited Lauchner’s barn one afternoon while he taught Joel Gough, another master police officer, lessons in farriery. Gough hopes to continue to learn the craft — perhaps he will take over one day.

As he retires, he plans to spend more time with his daughter. It is unclear whether he will return to farriery in the private sector. But one thing is for certain — he leaves impressive shoes to fill at the force.

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