Each Friday morning, we will be sharing several facts and figures that will be helpful in seeing how you measure up business-wise with other farriers. This edition of Friday's Farrier Facts & Figures is sponsored by Markel Insurance Co. To read more from this series, click here.

What Amount Of Hoof-Care Work Involves Backyard Horses?

Backyard horse footcare makes up more than 75% of the business for 12% of farriers. For 38% of farriers, it represents half to three-quarters of their business.

Another 25% of farriers indicate this work represents one-quarter to half of their footcare business. The remaining 25% of farriers find backyard horse work represents less than one-quarter of their business.

— 2017 International Hoof-Care Summit attendee survey

How Many Dollars Does The Typical Hoof-Care Client Spend Per Year?

The typical full-time farrier invoices each client an average of $1,273 per year.

— 2016 American Farriers Journal Farrier Benchmark Study