What Portion of Your Footcare Clients Ask for Nutritional Advice?

Number of Clients % of Farriers
Less than 25% 78%
25-50% 57%
50-75% 35%
Over 75%    10%

— 2019 survey of International Hoof-Care Summit attendees

Lots of Dollars to be Earned by Working with Backyard Horses

Handling the footcare work on 210 backyard horses offers some good income potential. For purposes of looking at this potential income example, we’ve split these horses into three groups of 70 horses each:

  • Trims only and left barefoot all year long. Based on a yearly income of $305.58 per horse, this amounts to $21,391 in annual income.
  • Trims in the winter and trims/shoes the remainder of the year. With an average yearly income of $614.33 per horse, this totals $43,003 in annual income.
  • Trims and shoes year-around. With a yearly income of $777.70 per horse, this represents $54,439 of annual income.

A farrier would produce $118,833 in annual income with these 210 backyard horses. Averaging the income for all three groups results in an average yearly income of $565.87 for each backyard horse.


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