Major Farrier Concerns with Client Footcare Skills

Concerns    % of Farriers
Inappropriate work area (unsafe, poor environment, bad conditions, poor lighting, unlevel work surface)  84%
Bad horses (spoiled, misbehaving, poorly trained, undisciplined, not trained to stand for farrier, safety concerns 76%
Dirty horses, dirty hooves, dirty stalls  59%
Don’t follow footcare directions from farrier 45%
Lack of daily footcare (don’t pick up feet, poor foot hygiene, thrush, stone bruises, disregard for overall horse health)  32%
Lack of footcare knowledge (no horse sense, lack of hoof-care knowledge)  29%
Distractions in footcare work area (dogs, cats, unsupervised kids) 21%
Lack of time spent with horses  (no commitment, dedication, being lazy) 18%
Poor horse handling skills (can’t handle, can’t hold properly, can’t control, inattentive, refuse to hold) 16%
Feeding treats to horses while being trimmed and shod 8%
Lack of exercise for horses 3%
Think of horses as pets and companion animals 3%
Over-protective horse owners (pamper their animals)  3%
Buy horses on looks rather than soundness   2%
Emotional decision making  1%
Misconception that shoeing can fix conformation faults  1%

— Survey of attendees at 2007 International Hoof-Care Summit

What Products Do Clients Ask You to Recommend?

Products  % of Attendees
Hoof supplements  82%
Hoof dressings 71%
Feed supplements 61%
Feeds 53%
Fly control, sprays  37%
Dewormers 35%
Bedding 35%
Drugs, medications 24%
Watering systems 17%
Tack 17%
Leg wraps 15%
Fencing, gates 14%
Antibiotics 13%
Saddles 11%
Harness 10%
Horse trailers 7%
Grooming products 7%
Riding apparel 1%

— Survey of 2020 International Hoof-Care Summit attendees



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