SBS Equine set up shop in Hyannis, Mass., with “a mission to produce quality hoof-care products that are based on sound medical principles and are safe for horses, humans and the environment.”

“After 30 years, the company is proud to have lived up to this promise,” according to a new release from SBS Equine. “SBS manufactures over 20 hoof-care products including SBS Thrush Stop, which was named the No. 1 thrush remedy and ‘Product of the Year’ by Horse Journal. SBS products such as Sav-A-Hoof, Toe Grow, Starting Gate Granules, Topcoat Hoof Conditioner and SBS Crack Filler Kit II, are sold in over 70 countries.”

When asked about retiring or slowing down, SBS founders Rick Tricca, Dr. Rick Shakalis and Dr. John Pautienis all agree that the frequent positive feedback they receive from farriers and horse owners is what gets them up every morning. “So why stop doing what you love?” they ask.

“Drs. Rick and John are considered the fathers of modern hoof sealants,” according to the release. “Their scientific research and informative articles on hoof disease and other equine health-related issues are highly regarded in the industry.”

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