SHELBYVILLE, Ky. — Farrier Product Distribution (FPD) announced they had entered into an agreement to be a major distributor for SBS Equine Products; a leading manufacturer of quality hoof care products for the equine industry. FPD is celebrating 25 years as a North American wholesale distributor of farrier and related equine products. They are a North American distributor of Kerckhaert Horseshoes, Ranger Horseshoes and Liberty Nails. 

“We are happy to add the SBS Equine line to our product group,” said Dan Burke, president of FPD. “Our dealers and the professional farrier trust us to provide quality products they can depend on. SBS hoof care products are an excellent complement to the products we currently distribute.”

SBS was co-founded in 1985 by Dr. Richard Shakalis and Dr. John Pautienis; considered the fathers of modern hoof sealants for their work in developing bonding techniques taken from dental technology and applying them to the equine industry. 

“SBS takes great pride in our products and the Distributors we work with,” stated Ray Tricca of SBS.  “We are very careful in our choice of distributors; with only four authorized SBS distributors in the world.  We appreciate that FPD is equally as careful in their selection of products and are pleased they have chosen SBS to be included among the brands they distribute.”

More information on the products distributed by FPD can be found at For more information about SBS, visit their website at