Omega Fields recently announced a partnership with Telesis Animal Health to sell and distribute the Equiderma line of products nationwide.

“This distribution agreement represents a great opportunity for Omega Fields to offer high-quality products with a history of successful results to our customers,” says Sean Moriarty, president of the Sheboygan, Wis., company. “We are committed to offering products that focus on enhancing the total equestrian experience. Omega Fields and Equiderma share a long history of using only the highest quality ingredients and formulations that outperform similar products in their class. We look forward to helping continue and expand the success of this great Equiderma brand.”

The non-exclusive distribution agreement offers a cross-market opportunity for a line of hair, skin, wound care and fly control products to Omega Fields.

“We are excited to have Omega Fields as a sales and distribution partner because we have so much in common about our outlook on product development, attention to detail and quality, as well as putting the needs and concerns of our customers ahead of a simple profit motive,” says Bethany Padget, president of Telesis Animal Health. “We are confident that customers choosing to buy from Omega Fields will have a great experience.”