To honor Lee Liles for organizing the most complete horseshoeing historical museum in the world, the American Farriers Journal staff recently presented a plaque to the veteran farrier and Quarter Horse enthusiast.

The plaque hangs in his National Museum Of Horse Shoeing Tools & Hall Of Honor at Sulphur, Okla., as a tribute to his out­standing efforts in developing this exceptional glimpse of horseshoeing history.

Visiting this 4,000-square-foot historical museum is like taking a step back to the times when horseshoers played an important role in the building of America. 

A long-time col­lector of farrier tools and shoeing memorabilia, Liles and his family pulled together thousands of one-of-a-kind items in this museum. Whether it’s considered conventional, unusual, con­temporary or obsolete, you’ll find practically everything about the farrier industry at this museum. 

In addition, the museum features an unforgettable,  extensive collection of horseshoer art. It also houses one of the finest shoe collections you’ll find anywhere!

You’ll tour the museum’s “Hall Of Honor” to learn about the key players over the years in the shoeing field and the manufacturers who created products for the industry over the past 150 years.


THANKS LEE. Nobody has done more for documenting the history of the farrier profession than Lee Liles with his National Museum Of Horse Shoeing Tools & Hall Of Honor at Sulphur, Okla.

When planning a visit, count on spending at least half a day to see everything. While there’s no admission charge, call ahead at (580) 622-4644 to make an appointment for a guided tour. 

To obtain additional information on this extraordinary museum, see the “Frankly Speaking” column, “Any Time You’re Driving Across the Country, Plan To Stop In Oklahoma” that appeared on page 7 of the December, 1999, issue of American Farriers Journal.

As we wrote earlier, a visit to this exciting collection of shoeing tools and exceptionally well-designed museum displays will show you the true historical story behind the farrier profession. It’s a fascinating walk through the history of horseshoeing that you’ll always remember!