An animal nutritional supplement company is preparing to launch a study that evaluates an herbal research blend in equine metabolic patients.

Jonesville, N.C.-based Nouvelle Research seeks 20 horses with either diagnosed or suspected metabolic syndrome with insulin resistance. The study aims to evaluate how several fruit- and mushroom-based herbs affect metabolic patients.

The use of many of these herbs in human Type II diabetes research has demonstrated promise for aiding the regulation of glucose and insulin function, as well as providing potent antioxidant support for cellular health.

Qualifying patients will receive a free 1-month supply of the research formula. Nouvelle Research wants feedback from owners on general attitude, general energy levels, body condition, appetite changes, improvement in lameness scores (if lameness is present) and improvement in insulin levels (if measured).

To inquire and enroll in the study, contact veterinarian Tom Schell at