With the recent purchase of several horseshoe nail-manufacturing machines, the Anvil Brand Shoe Co. is gearing up to produce its own line of nails.

The Lexington, Ill., manufacturer and farrier supply company purchased the machines earlier this year from Save Edge. The Xenia, Ohio, based company has exited itself from the nail manufacturing business to concentrate on the production of its Save Edge rasps.

Steve Hoselton says Anvil Brand will continue to produce the rounded edge #5 slim blade nail and the square edged #5 slim blade nail that were previously manufactured by Save Edge. Both nails will be re-branded as Anvil Brand SE 5 Slim nails.

“Manufacturing these nails should fit in well with our machine shop operation where we fix and repair lots of equipment and machines for local companies,” says Hoselton. “Keeping the nail machines running should not be a challenge for us with our machine shop background.”

Anvil Brand had carried these nails for a number of years and they have proven popular with many farriers.

“These will be the only nails manufactured in America and we will be promoting that fact,” adds Hoselton.

In addition, Anvil Brand earlier this year purchased the manufacturing rights to a number of products offered by Donnie Cates at AP Tools in Conroe, Texas. This included the rights to manufacture the line of rounding hammers, hardies, fire pots and other farrier tools.

“The hardies will be the first tools from this line that we will produce and they should be coming out in a few weeks,” says Hoselton. “There’s also the Donnie Cates line of Little Ranger anvils that have not been produced in some time.”