This page lists material that supplements the March 2016 issue of American Farriers Journal.

Shoeing For A Living (Kirk Smith): Forging Concave Shoes At The Horse

Freeville, N.Y., farrier Kirk Smith explains the benefits he gains by forging most every shoe at the horse with concave stock.

(Supplements to the article "Horseshoeing's Engineering Puzzle Charms Finger Lakes Farrier" on Page 10.)

Gluing Shoes To Hoof Boots To Treat Chronic Laminitis

Read advice from a farrier/veterinarian on modifying hoof boots to address chronic laminitis.

(Supplement to the article "Key Points For Managing Laminitis" on Page 38.)

2016 International Horseshoeing & Equine Veterinarian Hall Of Fame Inductions

Watch videos about each of this year's six Hall Of Fame inductees. Each video included comments by a colleague about why each honoree was deserving of induction.

International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame Inductees

• Steve Kraus (Trumansburg, N.Y.)
• Steve Bloom (Buckner, Ky.)
• Jim Blurton (Forden, Wales)

International Equine Veterinarian Hall Of Fame Inductees

• Scott Pleasant (Blacksburg, Va.)
• Rustin Moore (Columbus, Ohio)
• Florian Buchner (Vienna, Austria)

(Supplements to the article "Six Honored For Lifetime Contributions To Hoof Care" on Page 50.)

More Advice On Using Hospital Plates

Read more farrier insight on hospital plates.

(Supplement to the article "Getting Better Results With Hospital Plates" on Page 69.)

Mom’s Advice Still Best In Barn Hygiene

Learn the thorough details of the World Health Organization's guidelines for washing your hands by downloading their report.

(Supplement to the article "Hygiene Considerations For The Farrier" on Page 71.)

Jon Atkinson's Guide For Calculating The Measurements Of Surgical Shoes

3/4 Fullered 1/2 Heart Bar Full Frog Plate
3/4 Fullered Straight Bar
3/4 Fullered Lateral Extension Straight Bar

(Supplement to the Spotlight On Hoof Care "Clinic Stresses Forging And Modifying Shoes For Efficiency" on Page 91.)