By American Farriers Journal Staff

The U.S. Army is looking for new homes for two of its most recent retirees, according to The Washington Post.

Kennedy and Quincy, horses that served as caisson horses in the Army’s Old Guard at Arlington National Cemetery, are both up for adoption.

“These guys did their service,” Staff Sgt. David Smith says. “It’s their time to be a horse.”

Kennedy, a 15-year-old Standardbred, received good marks from his supervisor early on in his military career, but found himself unwelcome after kicking a few soldiers.

Quincy, an 11-year-old Quarter Horse, is “a big morale booster.” However, navicular disease has cut short his career of solemnly delivering fallen soldiers to their final resting places.

Kennedy and Quincy will be adopted free of charge, but there is a strict vetting process.

A six-page application must be completed and includes various questions to ensure the horses will be well cared for. The Army’s herd manager will travel to inspect prospective homes.

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