New York City Council members will not vote Friday on a proposal that limits Central Park carriage horses, according to several news reports.

The bill would have reduced the number of carriage horses from the current 220 to 110 by December, and another 15 must be retired by Oct. 1, 2018, when new stables were to be built by the city in Central Park. Twenty additional horses would have been rotated in and out of service to allow them rest.

The Teamsters, which represents the horse carriage drivers, pulled out of the deal, leading the Council to cancel Friday’s vote.

“The terms of that agreement have not changed during these past weeks, but today the Teamsters decided to back away from the fair compromise they had previously endorsed,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says. “While we are disappointed this bill will no longer be considered Friday, the people of this city know what I believe, and we will work toward a new path on this issue.”