To receive more detailed information on these programs at the 45th annual AAEP convention or to obtain lodging information, call AAEP at (606) 233-0147. You can register on site in Albuquerque at the special reduced farrier rate. 


Because of Y2K computer concerns about flying next winter among farriers and veterinarians, Nancy and Ric Redden have decided to cancel the Bluegrass Laminitis Symposium scheduled to be held in Louisville, Ky., from Jan. 27 to 29, 2000. However, they plan to be back with the 14th edition of this conference in Louisville in 2001.

Loet Van der Linden of Delta Horseshoe Co. in Rocklin, Calif., says the firm is now the sole distributor of the Ruidoso Hoof Gauge from Hobbs, N.M. They also recently formed a new division called Delta Horse Care Products which already has three new products: Hoof Power, a new feed supplement containing biotin; Penta H Performer, a European product that enhances a horse’s athletic performance; and Penta BTM, a calcium-enriched product used to improve bone tissue and muscles in horses.

Linda Hill and Dan Burke have opened a new and expanded facility for their Farrier Product Distribution operation in Shelbyville, Ky. 

Shona Ferrie, the well-known wife of Scotland’s highly respected shoeing contest competitor and tool maker Jim Ferrie of J&A Ferrie passed away earlier this summer.

The two American Farrier’s Association cultural exchange students sent to England earlier this summer turned in good results in Great Britain’s national forging competition. Austin Edens of Graham, Texas, placed fifth in shoe making and first in the blacksmith class. Vince Vesley of Silver City, N.M., placed 15th in shoe making.

Shannon and Brian DuBose of Monetta Manufacturing in Ridge Spring, S.C., are the proud parents of a new boy.

An extensive 8-month study with 40 Thoroughbreds suffering from white line disease, thrush and other hoof disorders in the Virginia and Maryland region has been conducted by Ganden Biotech’s Equine Division using Fungi-Free, a product which is a variation of the highly popular human toenail product. Results were significantly more pronounced in horses than in humans. One of the country’s leading veterinary school’s recently began a formal equine test of this hoof care product.

Providing an exciting learning opportunity for farriers, the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) is offering a special one-day reduced registration fee for two special seminars being held during the group’s annual meeting in December.

For a one-day price of $150, farriers can attend two in-depth podiatry and radiology seminars on Tuesday, December 7, 1999, during the AAEP annual convention in Albuquerque, N.M. 


“This is a super learning opportunity for farriers,” says Dr. Stephen O’Grady, an equine veterinarian in The Plains, Va., and one of the organizers of the podiatry session. “Veterinarians will be encouraged to bring farriers they work with to these special seminars, which will enhance learning for everyone involved in foot care.”

The day’s events will kick off with a morning radiology seminar and “how-to” papers related to podiatry work. This session will include presentations dealing with the radiographic equipment needed to produce quality diagnostic exams, interpreting distal extremity exams, gluing on therapeutic shoes, how to mark the foot for radiography and other special topics.


The afternoon in-depth session dealing with podiatry will feature these presentations: 

“Functional Anatomy of the Equine Interphalangel Joints” by French researcher J.M. Denoix. 

“Non-Septic Pedal Osteitis— A Cause of Lameness and a Diagnosis?” by Texas A&M University equine veterinarian Bill Moyer. 

“Equine Foot Wounds: General Principles of Healing and Treatment” by University of Georgia veterinarian Andrew Parks.

“Equine Laminitis: A Revised Pathophysiology” by Australian researcher Christopher Pollitt. 

“Abolition of Lameness Caused by Experimentally Induced Solar Pain in Horses After Analgesia of the Distal Interphalangeal Joint” by Auburn University researcher Michael Schramme. 

“Aspects of Palmar Heel Pain” by Colorado researcher Gayle Trotter. 

“Surgical Management of Penetrating Wounds to the Equine Foot” by Lynn Richardson, an equine veterinarian in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif