Check out these winning shoes from the 1999 American Farrier’s Association Competition in Lexington, KY

American Farrier’s Team Gold Team

Craig Trnka, Edgewood, N.M.

Mark Milster, Dibble, Okla.

Jason Smith, Oakdale, Calif.

Larry McCue, Herald, Calif.

American Farrier’s Team Silver Team

Jim Poor, Midland, Texas

Steven Hayes, Greenwood, Mo.

Cam Hudson, Apple Valley, Calif.

Jim Quick, Longmont, Colo.

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Team Draft Shoes - Sponsor: Durasole

1. Larry McCue and Jason Smith.

2. Vincent Vesely, Silver City, N.M.; and Craig Trnka.

3. Dusty Franklin, Pleasant Hills, Mo.; and Steven Hayes.

4. Shaun Woodsum, Mesa, Ariz.; and Kelly Vermeer, Knights Ferry, Calif.

5. Mark Milster and Bill Poor, Midland, Texas.

6. James Foy, Medina Township, Ohio; and Troy Price.

Hunter Shoes

Sponsor: Farrier Industry Association

1. Mark Milster 

2. Craig Trnka

3. Larry McCue

4. Troy Price

5. Jason Smith

6. Kelly Vermeer

Journeyman Class

Sponsor: St. Croix Forge

1. Cam Hudson

2. Jason Smith

3. Larry McCue

4. Jim Poor

5. Mark Milster

6. Vincent Vesely

Overall High Point

Sponsor: Life Data Labs, Inc.

1. Craig Trnka

AFA National High Point

Sponsors: Bob Pethick and Grant Moon

1. Craig Trnka

Shoe Case Classic

1. Vern Hornquist

2. Jack Millman

3. Kathleen Poor, Midland, Texas

‘99 Shoeing, Forging

Contest Winners..

1. Bill Crothers, Mentmore, Wales
2. Craig Trnka
3. Jim Poor
4. Jason Smith
5. Jim Quick
6. Dave Ferguson, Woodsboro, Md.
1. Craig Trnka
2. Mark Milster
3. Steven Hayes
4. Jason Smith
5. Troy Price, Warren, Ind.
6. Jim Quick
LEXINGTON’S FINEST SHOES. The winning shoes from the American Farrier’s Association convention contests include:(1) Front journeyman shoes and (2) hind journeyman shoes, Cam Hudson. (3) Dutch front shoe, Craig Trnka. (4) Aluminum egg bar shoe with toe insert, Craig Trnka. (5) Hunter egg bar shoes, Mark Milster. (6) Hunter hind shoe, Craig Trnka. (7) Beveled front shoe, Billy Crothers. (8) Front mule shoe, Craig Trnka. (9) Front draft shoes, Jason Smith. (10) Hind draft shoes, Larry McCue.