Last month, American Farriers Journal previewed some of the new products that will be on display at the 2005 International Hoof-Care Summit’s highly popular trade show. With more than 100 booths from the best manufacturers, suppliers and companies in the hoof-care industry, this year’s Summit offers one of the widest array of innovative farrier products and equipment ever gathered in one place.

Farriers and vets who attend this year’s Summit can walk freely through the vast trade show floor and take their time to handle tools, look at displays and speak with company representatives in a relaxed, friendly environment. Here’s another sneak-peak preview of just a few of the thousands of innovative hoof-care products on display at the upcoming 2005 International Hoof-Care Summit.

2005 International Hoof-Care Summit Trade Show offers an up-close look at cutting edge hoof-care products from the top manufacturers in the industry

Radiograph, Photo Software

Metron-PX is an east-to-use computer software product which runs on any Windows PC. It lets farriers and veterinarians keep track of the conformation of their client’s horse’s hooves. In this new 3.0 version, the software can automatically combine photographs and radiographs to offer a unique view of how the bones are aligned within the hoof.

EponaTech, Inc., P.O. Box 361, Creston, CA 93432. Phone: (805) 239-3505. Fax: (805) 888-2855 E-mail: Web site:

Hoof Knife

JC Tools is now featuring one of its most popular line of knives called “The Knife.” Available in left or right handed models and in long, regular or deluxe sizes. The deluxe size has a long, sturdy wooden handle with a spot on the handle ground down for proper thumb placement that ensures better grip.

Anvil Brand Shoe Co., P.O. Box 198, 500 S. Spencer Street, Lexington, IL 61753. Phone: (800) 365-8202 (U.S. only) or (309) 365-8270. Fax: (309)365-3341. Web site:

Competitor Horseshoes

Cooper Hand Tools introduces its Diamond brand Competitor horseshoe line, featuring six new models in front and hind patterns. New shoes include the popular OFBDC (front) size 0 and the OHBDC (hind) size 00. Other models are available in sizes 0, 1 and 2.

These shoes feature a full crease for maximum traction and stability, a straight heel cut 5/16-inches thick for needed support, forged sole relief, a built-in roll toe that allows horses to breakover naturally, a wide web for protection and to enhance performance, an inside bevel for better traction, a crease depth that is perfect for locking in nail heads and clean nail holes for ideal placement. All shoes are case-packed with 20 pairs per case (except for the “size 2” Competitor fronts which come 10 to a case).

Cooper Hand Tools, P.O. Box 30100, Raleigh, NC 27622. Phone: (919) 781-7200. Fax: (919) 783-2116. Web site:

Egg, Heart And Straight Bar Shoes

FPD introduces its newest line of SX-8 and SX-7 egg bar, heart bar and straight bar shoes.

The SX-8 bar shoes are carefully fabricated Kerckhaert shoes using the same steel for the bars. Available in a variety of styles, these bar shoes have become one of the most popular brands in North America. The SX-8 is used in a variety of disciplines, especially where strength and good support are critical. The SX-7 bar shoes are the lighter series. There are also a number of styles, including an unclipped version of the egg bar.

The SX-7 shoes are commonly used for the Quarter Horse and light horse market, where support is needed but not the weight and width of the SX-8 shoes.

Farrier Product Distribution, P.O. Box 1328, Shelbyville, KY 40066. Phone: (800) 468-2879 (U.S. only) or (502) 633-5767. Fax: (502) 633-5863. E-mail: Web site: or

Sliding Plate

“TK Sliders” are a new, high-quality sliding plate designed by world champion reining horse farrier, Troy Kerr and Equine Digit Support System, Inc. The general shape of the shoe has a bold toe with an arched bevel to allow better breakover and enhanced stabilization during the slide.

The inside web of the shoe is made as straight as possible on the regular and Super Slider models to minimize friction over the ground surface of the foot during slides. At the same time, the outside perimeter of the shoe closely follows the radius of the foot to make for a close fit, allowing less of a chance for the horse to pull the shoe, yet this feature doesn’t hinder slide length.

TK Sliders are available in 4 sizes (000, 00, 0 and 1) and come in 3 styles: Multi-Purpose Sliders (3/4 to 7/8 inch good for reiners, cow horses, cutters, calf and teamroping horses, barrel horses and roping show horses).

Regular Sliders (approximately 1 inch, and work well for reiners, cow horses and roping show horses). Super Sliders (1 1/4 inch, excellent for reiners).

All shoes come in a punched or blank version. The punched shoes take a No. 5 Plater Special nail, while the blanks come without nail holes or a beveled toe.

Equine Digit Support System, Inc., 506 State Hwy 115, Penrose, CO 81240. Phone: (719) 372-7463. Fax: (719) 372-7272. Web site:

“ViceBreaker” Electronic Collar

Tri-Tronics, a leader in the horse remote-electronic products business, since 1995, announces the “ViceBreaker H1” remote-controlled electronic horse collar. Completely safe and approved by veterinarians and trainers, the ViceBreaker H1 offers solutions to equine behavioral problems such as aggression, wood chewing, cribbing, pawing, chewing leg wraps or bandages and stall door banging. With a half-mile range, the collar provides six levels of stimulation from “gentle” setting 1 to “strong” level 6, depending upon the horse’s temperment. Waterproofed and equipped with a 3-second automatic safety shut off, the ViceBreaker H1 is made with a leather collar with an elastic insert to ensure proper fit.

Durable, safe and easy-to-use, the only thing shocking about the ViceBreaker H1 is how effective it can be at stopping vices and bad habits.

Tri-Tronics, Inc., P.O. Box 17660, Tucson, AZ 85731. Phone:(800) 808-8423 (U.S. only) or (520) 290-6000. Fax:(520) 722-9000. E-mail: Web site:

Powdered Joint Supplement

Absorbine Flex+ is the latest powdered joint supplement from W.F. Young Inc., that’s clinically formulated to increase joint mobility and reduce inflammation. This highquality supplement comes packaged in 30-day and 60-day sizes and helps relieve soreness stiffness and swelling caused by aging, overwork and overtraining.

Containing pharmaceutical-grade glucosamine sulfate, N-acetyl glucosamine, MSM, yucca and fortified with “Natural Glo” stabilized rice bran to aid absorption, this supplement can aid horses of any age or discipline.

Each container of Absorbine Flex+ is packaged in convenient resealable, hinged-lid buckets and includes a specialized dosage scoop for easy measuring.

W.F. Young, Inc., 302 Benton Drive, East Longmeadow, MA 01028. Phone: (800) 628-9653 or (413) 526-9999. Fax: (413) 526-8990. E-mail: Web site: www.

Magnetic-Field Therapy Pad

Horseman know that a horse’s main health problems often begin with the feet. The Centurion Hoof Pad provides pulsed magnetic field therapy to aid in the healing process of hoof concerns such as compression problems, abscesses in the frogs, cracks or splits, inflammation, fractures or navicular problems. Designed to operate with either a 9 PH or 4 PH powered generator, both systems come with leg wraps and body blankets.

Centurion Hoof Pad comes with a unique 3-month rental trial-period for evaluation of this revolutionary system.

Centurion Systems, Inc., 105 Campus Plaza Dr., Edison, NJ 08837. Phone: (800) 387-8326 (U.S. only) or (905) 238-4860. Fax: (905) 238-9140. E-mail: Web site:

Hoofjack Hoof-Support System

The Hoofjack is a unique hoof-support system that allows farriers to change shoeing postures without having to drop the hoof.

Specifically designed to raise or lower to better suit your needs, and featuring a unique cradle that conforms to each individual hoof, this innovative hoof-support system lets you pull a shoe, trim, rasp and nail on a new shoe without setting the hoof back down on the ground.

The adjustable height and easy-to-work mechanisms reduce strain to the back and knees. Hoofjack also supports the hoof during treatment and bandaging problems and helps prevent you from getting stains on your clothing during the application of medications or coatings. This new hoof-support system also comes with a magnet accessory for holding hoof picks, nails, bandage scissors, studs, wrenches or anything else you use in your daily work.

Equine Innovations, Inc., P.O. Box 8, Star, ID 83669. Phone: (877) 455-5100 (U.S. only) or (208) 286-7534. Fax: (208) 286-7534. E-mail:hoofjack@hoof Web

Flexible, Polymer Horseshoe

The EponaShoe is a flexible horseshoe made of state-of-the-art modern composite polymers of four types that are combined to create one of the most effective shoe designs ever produced.

The EponaShoe is uniquely designed so that it’s hard and stiff on the side where the nails are placed, but soft and supportive under the sole. It’s often thought of as “the shoe with the built-in pad.” This shoe is also designed to accept adhesives — either acrylic or polyurethane-based — to glue the shoe to the horse’s hoof. It’s the first flexible shoe designed to be equally effective as a glue-on or nail-on shoe.

An EponaShoe wears as well as a metal shoe and can be used on pavement or other high-wear situations. You can also order metal traction spikes that can be inserted into the shoe for better traction and longer wear.

EponaShoe, Inc., P.O. Box 361, Creston, CA 93432. Phone: (805) 239-3505. Fax: (805) 888-2855 E-mail: Web site:

Ag-Tek “Sure-Bond” Adhesives

Ag-Tek, a division of Kane Enterprises, unveils a line of three unique adhesives called “Sure-Bond” that are designed to fit all of your shoeing, hoof repair and hoof-care needs.

The Sure-Bond “Urethane Fast-Set,” “Urethane Slow-Set” and “Acrylic” line of adhesives will aid you in your daily shoeing work Sure-Bond Urethane Fast-Set is a fast-setting adhesive which hardens within 30 to 40 seconds of application. This quick-setting urethane adhesive allows you to create a custom shoe in a matter of minutes — perfect for foundered or laminitic cases. Foal extensions can be attached in seconds and hoof repairs completed in minutes with this new formula.

Sure-Bond Urethane Slow-Set is a formula that’s perfect for applying glue-on shoes and to repair small hoof cracks. Setting in 3 to 4 minutes, this adhesive allows for wall movement in the quarters and heels, and makes nailing and finishing easy.

Sure-Bond Acrylic is an extremely strong, durable adhesive that sets in 6 to 8 minutes. This formula is perfect for major projects such as reconstructing entire hoof walls or repairing hoof cracks. This long-lasting acrylic can be rasped, nailed or trimmed just like a natural hoof wall.

Kane Enterprises, Inc., P.O. Box 500, Brandon, SD 57005. Phone: (800) 336-8577 (U.S. only) or (605) 582-7700. Fax: (800) 582-7786. E-mail: Web site:

Equine Pain-Relief Patches

Absorbine’s line of equine health products has just gotten larger with the addition of the new Absorbine Vet Patch. This medicated patch provides therapy for the relief of sore muscles, legs and tendons of horses. The patches are soft and flexible adhesive patches that can be easily applied directly to the point of pain to reduce swelling.

The Absorbine Vet Patch has been clinically proven for hours of long-lasting effective pain relief, provides targeted pain relief and is veterinarian approved.

This product contains natural ingredients such as menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil in a hydrogel patch. The patch can be utilized to work with or without wraps, beforeand after workouts or as a “rest-day reward” for the horse.

Conveniently packed with 8 patches in a resealable pouch, the Absorbine Vet Patch is perfect to keep in your tack box, your rig or to carry when you are away from the barn or stable.

W.F. Young, Inc., 302 Benton Drive, East Longmeadow, MA 01028. Phone: (800) 628-9653 or (413) 526-9999. Fax: (413) 526-8990. E-mail: Web site: www.

Steward Clog

The Steward Clog, developed by Equine Digit Support System, is an innovative piece of footwear for horses afflicted with varying lameness issues and can also be useful for sound horses in some disciplines.

Studies done in the treatment of lower-limb pathologies, particularly ring bone and laminitis, that limit the movement of the joints of the distal phalanges while in motion is helpful to reduce or minimize pain. The design of the Steward Clog helps in that adjustments can be made to not just one aspect of the ground surface of the device — be it anterior, posterior, medial or lateral — but rather to all aspects of adjustable relief. These adjustments can be altered by reducing peripheral size of the ground-contact piece. Better yet, the ground-contact piece can be moved in all directions around the center of the articulation of the DP joint.

The Steward clog can be attached by either screws or a combination of screws and adhesives to provide a secure fit. The product also features an upper-foot attaching surface, as well as a ground-contact which can be used to attach the adjustable parts.

Thickness varies depending on the size of the foot that the Steward Clog is being used on. It is selected for the foot based on width and is meant to be wider than the foot.There is a selection of shapes that range from flat, tapered, squared or rounded or crowned to make a round bottom to the ground-contact surface.

The Steward Clog is designed to help horses with a variety of lameness issues.

Equine Digit Support System, Inc., 506 State Hwy 115, Penrose, CO 81240. Phone: (719) 372-7463. Fax: (719) 372-7272. Web site:

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Hoof Supplement

New Hooflex+ is a 100-percent bio-available pelleted hoof supplement from Absorbine that’s clinically proven to build strong, flexible hooves plus promote healthy coat, skin and hair.

Hooflex+ is fortified with “Natural Glo,” a nutrient-rich absorption catalyst to aid in the delivery and performance of the highest quality biotin, methionine, lysine, vitamins, minerals and other key micro-nutrients. This new supplement also contains other minerals to strengthen the equine immune-system response and to help prevent hoof disease.

Absorbine Hooflex+ is the ideal combination of therapeutic nutrition, plus the latest in equine food science, all wrapped up in highly palatable pellets that horses love to eat. No fillers. No preservatives.

W.F. Young, Inc., 302 Benton Dr., East Longmeadow, MA 01028. Phone: (800) 628-9653. Fax: (413) 526-8990. E-mail: Web site: