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Use Calipers to Improve Efficiency and Accuracy When Punching Nail Holes

Measurement tools can aid farriers in everyday work and competition
Training your eye is one of the most important skills you will learn as a farrier. It’s also one of the skills for which time has no substitute. Fortunately, new and veteran farriers alike have a variety of measurement tools that can serve as a guide, whether you’re at a barn earning your living or at a competition honing your shoemaking skills.
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Shoeing For A Living

Staying Out of the Horse’s Way

Texas farrier Mike Chance finds successfully shoeing the Western Pleasure horse comes from treating it like an individual.
Looking back, Mike Chance believes he didn’t have the typical make-up to be a successful farrier. And maybe he wouldn’t have become a horseshoer had he acknowledged that. “It never occurred to me that I couldn’t be successful in this trade,” he says. “Maybe I was lacking in some areas, but I was determined to be a farrier.”
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The Man with a Plan

Hall Of Fame Farrier Billy Crothers shares how to improve your efficiency when forging horseshoes
Practice makes perfect. Although it’s a glib cliché, to be sure but it serves a purpose. One cannot truly master a task without repetition. It’s certainly true for forging shoes — and golfing.
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Nutrient Strategies

Good Nutrition Aids in Preventing Costly Hoof Problems

Are Hoof Problems Caused More Often By Poor Nutrition Or By Improper Hoof Care?
Healthy hooves are certainly an important part of having a healthy horse. And while many factors contribute to overall hoof health, a well-balanced diet and proper hoof care are among the most important.
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In an attempt to remove some of the guesswork from predicting which horses are likely to recover from laminitis, James Orsini evaluated the records of 247 horses treated for laminitis that were euthanized and 344 horses that were treated and discharged from the New Bolton Center equine hospital between 1986 and 2003.
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