By Dokken-Nelson Funeral Service & Cremetory

Farrier Jack Lee Perry of Bozeman, Mon., passed away peacefully in his sleep on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21, 2015.  He was 74.

Perry was born Jan. 19, 1941, in Fairfield, Iowa, to Edna M. Lagle and James V. Perry. He grew up in the Fairfield community, graduating from Fairfield High School in 1959.

Perry worked the racetrack circuit for many years as a farrier. He introduced his children to horses, which instilled in them a lifelong love and adoration for the magnificent animals. He also was a master blacksmith, known to many by the nickname “Jack the Black.”  He was a talented and gifted artist and loved creating beautiful and eclectic art pieces. His creativeness and artistic abilities were passed on to his children.

Perry also was a lover of country music. He loved listening to old country songs, especially Hank Williams Jr.’s “Ramblin’ Man,” which his family says sums him up in the most beautiful and poignant way.

“I love to see the towns a-passin’ by and to ride these rails, 'neath God’s blue sky. Let me travel this land from the mountains to the sea. ’Cause that’s the life I believe, He meant for me. And when I’m gone and at my grave you stand, just say God called home your Ramblin’ Man.”

Condolences may be mailed to the family at 13265 Autumn Mist Ln., Conroe, TX 77302.

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