There are many controversial and unconventional ideas being tossed around by farriers, veterinarians and  researchers when it comes to effectively balancing a horse’s feet.

The Art Of Shoeing And Balancing The Trotter cuts through the clutter and highlights practical techniques for dealing with one of the most controversial, yet least understood, aspects of shoeing. It’s filled with hundreds of sound ideas to help you do a better job of balancing a foot regardless of the type of horse you shoe.

Continuing A Classic

First published in 1927, this 104-page book is the latest in the American Farriers Journal series of “Farrier Classics.” Topics covered include how to properly use hoof angles, toe lengths, gait timing, weighted shoes, degree wedges and other valuable tips, tricks and techniques to keep horses balanced. 

Mastermind Of Balance

Based on more than 35 years of personal shoeing experience and balancing concerns, Charles Arthur McLellan uses easy-to-follow illustrations and offers the needed answers to almost any puzzling condition that comes up in dealing with balance.

To help you understand the basics of balance, McLellan describes an interesting analogy on how shoeing a horse is similar to erecting a building. The many drawings and helpful hints guide you through the theories of balance.

Correct Balancing Method

The book discusses the common methods of balancing vs. the correct method of balancing. McLellan shares his reasons why keeping the normal hoof at a proper height at all points should take precedence over excessively weighted shoes or different shapes of shoes. According to McLellan, this is the fundamental essential of true balance.

McLellan emphasizes the importance of hoof wall thickness along with lateral and lengthwise balance. He also believed these were critical fundamentals behind effective horseshoeing and all the lessons he has learned have stood the test of time. 

The book covers the ideas and concerns behind the correct method of balance, but it also covers what you shouldn’t do. It’s a sure way to evaluate your personal methods of balance.

Regaining Lost Knowledge

Recognizing that a completely balanced gait is so critical to trotters, harness track shoers developed many artistically sound ideas generations ahead of other farriers. Many of these old theories have been lost over the years. This book gives you the chance to regain some of the lost knowledge from the words of one of the true scientific pioneers in equine footcare. 

This book is a must-read for anyone in the shoeing industry and a great learning experience when it comes to balance.

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