One of horseracing’s legends just made bank. 

The famous racehorse Phar Lap had a pair of horseshoes sell at a recent auction for $A25,000, or $17,293.60 in United States currency. They were sold in a frame along with a 1931 photo of the horse with jockey Billy Elliot in the saddle. 

The package contained two shoes, one front and one hind, crafted by Tommy Woodcock, a picture of Woodcock with the shoes, a certificate of authenticity from master farrier Dick Bell and a CD of Woodcock talking about the shoes in 1982. 

This package and 55 other items in the Phar Lap collection were sold at Abacus Auctions’ May 19 sale by Dario Dicarla of Melbourne. 

Dicarla previously bought the shoes in 2015 for $A24,400. This time, they were expected to sell at $A30,000.

Other items in the collection brought in large sums as well. A bridle used during Phar Lap’s 1930-31 season went for $A9,000, and a 1930 Melbourne Cup, Phar Lap’s 34th race, sold for $A12,500.