Press Release From SmartPak

PLYMOUTH, Mass. —  Spring is finally here, and with it comes warmer weather and, for some, beautiful green pastures. Although nice to look at, when it comes to horse health, lush grass can mean numerous management challenges. Spring grass can have high levels of sugars, including fructans, and over-indulging may put horses at risk for serious health issues. Fortunately, SmartPak has an innovative, new supplement called SmartLamina Pellets, which is carefully designed to support laminar health.

If you have an easy keeper or a horse with a metabolic condition, turnout on pasture may increase your horse’s risk of developing laminitis. This painful and serious condition is a result of inflammation of the laminae, the tiny, interlocking “fingers” that attach the coffin bone to the rest of the hoof. Many factors must be considered when developing a comprehensive management program for these types of horses, but when it comes to spring turnout, consider restricting grass consumption with a grazing muzzle, or avoiding grass altogether with dry lot turnout. Along with restricting pasture access, several supplement ingredients have been shown to support laminar health in at-risk horses.

SmartLamina Pellets are a new hoof health formula from the supplement experts at SmartPak. This supplement includes hops and omega 3 fatty acids, two ingredients that have been demonstrated by research to support healthy laminae. SmartLamina Pellets also include the super-potent antioxidant Auradagex to combat oxidative stress in hoof tissues. In addition, the supplement contains MSM and devil’s claw to promote a healthy inflammatory response and help manage discomfort in the foot.

“SmartLamina Pellets provide veterinarians, hoof care professionals and horse owners with a unique tool for managing foot health in high risk horses like easy keepers and those with metabolic or endocrine conditions,” says Danvers Child, Certified Journeyman Farrier and Hoof Health Consultant for SmartPak. “I’ve already begun incorporating this product into my own practice and recommending it to my colleagues.”

SmartLamina Pellets are specially designed to help maintain laminar health in easy keepers and horses with insulin resistance or pituitary dysfunction. The thoughtfully designed, pelleted formula is palatable and easy to feed, even to horses on little or no grain. In addition to SmartLamina Pellets, SmartPak also offers targeted formulas for supporting metabolic health (SmartMetabo-Lean Pellets) and pituitary health (SmartPituitary Senior Pellets). Each of these formulas can be combined with SmartLamina Pellets as needed for optimal, targeted support.

SmartLamina Pellets are one of more than 60 products available in the exclusive SmartSupplements line. All SmartSupplements are available for the best value when ordered in the SmartPak supplement feeding system, and SmartLamina Pellets qualify for free shipping! To learn more about SmartLamina Pellets, visit