Vettec Inc. has introduced a new cartridge system for its hoof care adhesives that has 30% more urethane adhesive per cartridge so hoof care professionals can treat more horses with each purchase.

The new 210cc cartridges include larger dispensing ports and a lock-proof tip to keep the adhesive flowing during application, and an airtight capping mechanism to maintain its shelf-life when not in use.

“The 210cc cartridge contains industry-leading volume with 30% more material than the previous packaging,” says Lesley Dixson, Vettec sales manager. “More volume per tube means more value for our customers.”

The new cartridge features an easy-to-use, twist-off cap that eliminates the need to use an additional tool to open the cartridge before putting the mix tip on. This minimizes clogged ports and facilitates a continuous flow within the cartridge. The lock-in collar keeps the mix tip in place and prevents material backflow, so more product ends up on the hoof, not stuck in the package. The airtight cap extends into the cartridge to ensure equal flow from both tubes. The durable design features larger openings to mitigate material from back pressure that could damage the seams of the cartridges.

“Whether a farrier utilizes pad materials as part of a treatment plan or for preventative measures, the new cartridge delivers the quality and quantity hoof care professionals need to maintain hoof comfort and a healthy horse,” Dixson says.

Vettec offers a complete range of instant hoof-care products, including pour-in pads and adhesives to protect and support horse hooves. Pour-in pad materials are fast-setting and bond directly onto the sole to absorb shock and concussion. Urethane adhesives protect the hoof wall, when used to complete hoof repairs and can be used as an alternative to nailing on shoes.

Equi-Pak, Equi-Pak CS, Equi-Pak Soft, Sole-Guard, Super Fast and Adhere are available in the 210cc cartridge. The new cartridge works with the 210cc accessories that are available from Vettec including dispensing guns, mix tips and cartridge caps.

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