Here are the top 10 stories in terms of page views from the past month on

  1. Back Up The Entire Foot, Not Just The Toe
  2. Court Dismisses Lawsuit After Farrier Dies While Shoeing A Horse
  3. About Backing Up That Toe
  4. From The Desk Of AFJ: Do You Have A Plan?
  5. Five Tips Farriers Can Share With Clients To Avoid Pasture-Associated Laminitis
  6. Farrier Tips: If You Swap Propane Tanks, Heed This Warning
  7. Farrier Tips: Are You Punching For The Correct Nail?
  8. After 50 Years Of Shoeing Horses, Virginia Farrier Coye Landrum Is Retiring
  9. Research Continues On Drug That Treats Laminitis Pain
  10. Farrier Tips: A Tighter Grip: Proper Storage Can Increase The Life Of Your Tongs

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