How much distance do you drive per week in your footcare practice? How does this influence how you schedule clients?

I stay within a 60 mile radius of home. I charge trip charges starting at 20 miles that increase the father I travel. I also adjust the trip charge accordingly based upon the volume of horses/money I will make at each location. 50 miles for two trims is much more expensive than 50 miles for a day of full sets. I also clump smaller customers together as much as possible to limit my driving. Doing so I have trimmed my yearly mileage down to 25-30,000 miles per year.
—Paul Skaggs MS, CF

I live in a very horsey area of Long Island w/ acess to a 4000 acre park Many days I don't put 5 miles on my truck The farthest I travel is about 35 miles now luckily
—Jerry J

Though most of my clients are within 20 miles driving distance, I work in a county of islands connected by a ferry system, private boats and planes. What appears to be a short trip can be hours of queue time, sailing time and driving time when added together. Accordingly, I group clients, charge ferry fare plus a barn call fee, and in the case of private transport, charge for time spent in transit. On the bright side, my clients are grateful to get service, paperwork is done before I get home, and my gently-used 1997 truck is going great on about 150 miles per week.

I run around 1,500 miles in my truck a week. I charge a barn call fee and not worried about grouping customers together unless it works out that way. The type of clients I have are more concerned with attending to the horses when needed.
—Esco Buff, PhD, APF, CF

I'm fortunate that now I'm able to keep clients pretty much within a less than 25 mile radius. I try to schedule those on the further fringes of my area all for the same day so I don't have to make several trips to that area.

I started shoeing in 1973 where I covered a lot of the centeral valley of calif. Burned up many a truck. I am lucky now that I am in a great area with a large population of horses. I usually drive about 15 miles a day and can schedule lunch at home every day. It gives me a lot more time to spend in my second home: my shop.
—Hank Heintzberger

I travel around 800 kilometers a week. I schedule my stops in areas and usually plan to drive out then work my way back, or will do a circle. Pre-planned stops allows me to makes the best of my time.
—Mikel Dawson

After 42yrs, I have cut back my traveling. For over 28 yrs I traveled 85/90,000 miles a year & now have slowed down to 900/1,000 miles a week, covering 3 states. I have always gone directional, one day North, next day East or West. Clients get used to the scheduling & don't make unreasonable requests of me.
—Joepaul Meyers,CJF

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