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Frankly Speaking: Looking At The Generation Gap

There is a responsibility of each generation to complain about the younger ones they share Earth with. In general society, the older generations criticize the younger for a perceived softness, lack of drive and work ethic. The younger likes to slam the older for being stuck in their ways and being the cause for why things are bad.
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25 Quick Tips for Improving a Practice

Three farriers share ideas for improvement that can be immediately built into a farrier practice
Farriers often look for ways to boost a practice. An idea of improved efficiency can save you time and health. A business tip may help you keep more of your hard-earned money. Often, some ideas are simple and overlooked. The best source is other farriers who have picked them up along the way.
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It Is Time To Follow Our Own Advice

Frankly Speaking
For the past 27 years, readers have relied on our November issue to deliver practical business information. This issue has focused on the non-footcare aspects of the farrier profession. The articles are intended to help farriers build better business practices through tested advice provided by other farriers.
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Farrier Tips

Earn Professional Respect

Several years ago, Kevin Archer started charging a farm call fee. Anyone else in a service-related business that makes house or farm calls charges simply to show up and farriers should be no different, says the farrier from Ashville, Ohio. If we want to be respected as professionals, we need to place a value on our time and travel.
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Understanding What You See Before, During and After

You can’t deliver hoof care without building a thorough and consistent system of evaluating horses’ feet
There is a joke that if you ask a group of 10 farriers about the right way to trim a foot, you'll get 10 different answers. There are dozens of variations to this joke, from the number of farriers, what they can't agree on and how many responses you'll get.
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Shoeing for a Living

Practice, Practice, Practice

Dedication and drive take Colorado farrier Jim Quick from mass-production shoeing at dude ranches to top dressage horses
Jim Quick is starting his day of “Shoeing For A Living” early this morning. He’s driven into the heart of Denver, Colo., from his home in Longmont, some 45 minutes to the north.
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How to Find Success Before You Relocate

If you have to move your hoof-care practice, preparation and networking are the keys to your success
With the nature of our business, starting from scratch isn’t an appealing prospect for most farriers. At a career’s launch, a new shoer fresh to an area typically struggles to acquire clients while working to develop a solid reputation. Often, that novice farrier may take on the horses that established farriers don’t want or need on their roster.
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