Do you find that you’re constantly running late to meet horseshoeing clients? Are you spending too much time setting up and tearing down your rig?

As many farriers say, you’re not making money unless you’re shoeing horses.

“Being organized,” Mike DeLeonardo says, “will make your job go a lot easier and faster.”

The Salinas, Calif., farrier suggests that you should know your rig like the back of your hand, label your inventory and tools, and keep it clean. Here are a few suggestions to help you maximize your time, profits and the relationship with your clients.

Everything Has Its Place

Knowing your rig sounds overly simplistic, but how often have you found yourself searching for that one tool, pad or shoe? Establish specific areas in your truck or rig for your tools, shoes, nails and other accessories.

 “If you’re using power tools, don’t have one tool on one side of the truck and another tool on the other side,” DeLeonardo says. “Put your power tools all on the same side so you can get started cutting your pads out and drilling rivet holes. Have a spot for all of your specialized tools. And tools that have cases, return them to the cases when you’re finished with them.”

Ties That Bind

Labeling and organization will go a long way toward not only shortening your time in one shoeing location, it also will help avoid inventory binds.

 “Label your shoe racks so that you know what’s there and what you’re getting low on,” DeLeonardo says.

Come Clean

They say that cleanliness is next to godliness. It also minimizes frustration the next time you need to plug in your power tools. Taking a little time to organize on the front end will save time on the back end.

 “Have your extension cord rolled up on something,” he suggests. “Don’t just throw it into the truck and then you have to unwind it every time to get all of the kinks out of it.”

Knowing where everything is, labeling and keeping your truck and rig in order will make it much easier for you to find what you’re looking for, and maximize your time so you can make more money.