Over the years, I've heard complaints from other farriers about how they don't so much enjoy working on miniature horses, donkey, and small ponies due to how low to the ground they must work. Some guys have even said they won't even work on these little equines.

For those farriers, I offer a solution. About 14 years ago I had a client with over 60 miniature horses. A couple full days trimming horses in knee pads got me looking for a fix. I went into Sears and purchased this Craftsman Creeper Seat in the parts department for about $50.

With its casters and very comfortable seat, I found it the perfect height and very flexible to safely wheel around and work on the little guys. This great tool makes it possible to comfortably work all day long on this size animal if necessary.

Just the other day, as has happened many times over the years, I was working with another farrier who marveled at how happy I looked working away all comfy in my swivel chair. I promised him that I'd go home and send this into AFJ so  that other farriers can find comfort when working with these horses.

 Happy wheelin'!

Mike Waldorf farrier

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