What tool do you work on or send out to extend its life? What specific tool tip do you have for getting more life out of it?

I send out my nippers to get rebuilt when they need it, and the rasps get re-sharpened at the factory.  I also oil all my jointed tools on a regular basis.
—Chris Richardson

That sentimental hoofpick! In school we made hoofpicks, I used a practice shoe made by Chris Gregory, I still use it, but it wears down. A broken hay tedder tine is just the right size, plus pretty hard, to add on a new tip - just gas weld on 1/2"...
—Howard R Smith

Where does Chris Richardson send his nippers to be rebuilt & his rasp to be sharpened?
—Dennis Hughes

Just started sharpening my old rasps thanks to another farrier friend. Cotton buffing wheels with 2 compounds, one for sharpening and one for buffing. So far works great. He told me he can sharpen a rasp 8 or 9 times. I've got quite a stack of used rasps so if this works as good as he says I'll never have to buy another one. Only works on trimming rasps, not ones that have been used on metal.

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