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Contact: Megan Ronk
Idaho Commerce

The New Plymouth company developed the Hoofjack and Tooljack systems for hoof care providers

August 5, 2013

Equine Innovations Inc., located in New Plymouth, started out as a garage business in Star. The company developed out of Kevin Keeler's desire to make his career as a professional farrier easier and safer, so he created a unique hoof support system named Hoofjack.

The company was founded in 2000 by president/owner Keeler as a means to promote the newly developed Hoofjack. One year into Kevin's career as a farrier, while working on the hind foot of a horse, the horse collapsed. Keeler's right knee was damaged to the point of having to remove the cartilage in that knee. As the years passed, Keeler worked on an idea of creating a hoof support system that would support the horse while working on the hind foot because his damaged knee could no longer bear the strain. This enabled him to return to work earlier than would have been possible since it no longer was necessary to place the hoof between his knees and bear the weight of the horse.

As Keeler was soon to realize, not only had he invented a safer and easier way to do his work, but the horses loved the stable and comfortable support as well. Fussy horses settled down, and colts stood still - truly a win-win situation. It didn't take long before his clients began to ask for a Hoofjack. Wanting to help horses and humans alike, Keeler decided to offer the Hoofjack to the market.

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