A lot of taking care of a forge involves simple common sense precautions. Donald Jones notes that NC Tool includes a list of safety and operating hints with each forge sold. Maintenance tips from that list include:

  • All valves, gauges, regulators and hoses should be checked periodically for wear and replaced as needed.
  • When the inside liner becomes thinner than 1 inch, proper insulation is not achieved. Replacement liners can be purchased from your local dealer or the manufacturer. (Be sure to check your forge model number and style before placing your order.)
  • Check for gas leaks is whenever you change your propane tank. That will help make it part of your routine, and you’ll be less likely to forget to do it.
  • Besides checking for gas leaks, check your electric cords as well. If they get kinked or otherwise damaged, you could get a nasty shock. Also be sure to check that your blower is operating properly.

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