Mighty Forge's The Mighty Draft Pro Forge features three burners, three controls with push-button ignition and stainless steel burner tips. It is excellent for production of draft shoes. The Mighty Draft Pro's main body is constructed of a hot-rolled 3/16 plate with a removable top. It also features a 2-in. insulated main door and 1.5 x 3 in. port on each end of the main body for bar stock to pass right through. A custom side port is available.

The Mighty Draft Pro's interior fire box is lined with a 2-in. vacuum formed Thermo-Tect HT board, with a dimension of 15.75 in. width x 8.75 in. depth x 3.75 in. height. Its one-piece poured floor is made of a lightweight 80 compound.

The forge weighs a total of 92 lb. and is capable of forge welding in minutes. The fuel type is propane only and its operating pressure is 2-15 PSI.

For more information, please visit mightyforge.com.