The next time you’re working with a new horse and can’t remember its name, take a chance and just call the horse “Jack.”

Continuing a tradition started in 2001, each year SmartPak creates a top 10 horses’ name list from among all the horses that receive their supplements each day. Custom packed to meet the needs of each individual horse, every daily dose is labeled with that horse's name – not only making feeding mistakes virtually impossible, but also giving the Plymouth, Mass., company a unique insight into the most popular names among well-cared for horses.

Colby C. Balazs, SmartPak Vice President, Marketing, says the top two names on last year’s list flip flopped this year with “Jack” replacing “Buddy” as the number one most popular name. “Bella” moved up from number six to number three, dropping “Max” from third to fourth on the 2012 list.

Two names not included on last year’s list moved on to the 2012 list as “Charlie” and “Annie” knocked “Blue” and “Teddy” off the list. “Rocky” and “Cody” remain perennial favorites with each making its eighth appearance on the list in the past dozen years.

In the first paragraph, “Chance” was mentioned, which made the 2012 list as the seventh most popular name. Here’s the list of the most popular names for horses in 2012:

1. Jack

2. Buddy

3. Bella

4. Max

5. Rocky

6. Charlie

7. Chance

8. Cody

9. Annie

10. Beau

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SmartPak was founded in 1999 with the introduction of the company’s patented supplement feeding system. The revolutionary, daily dose packets are custom-made for each horse, individually labeled and sealed for freshness.