An aisle in the U.S. stable at the 2012 Olympics in London.

We landed at London’s Heathrow airport yesterday morning. It was quite a drive to the other side of town. Maybe only 10 miles, but it took every bit of an hour and a half traffic because of traffic and lane restrictions due to the Olympics.

The facilities for the horses are incredible and are just a short walk from our hotel. This is extremely helpful and gives us some freedom to see horses as we need too.

Everything at the facility is elevated; barns, rings you name it, Greenwich is very old, dating back to 1200 A.D. or so. They are trying their best to maintain the integrity of the original grounds.

Today we did a barn check-up, with riders and horses. All of the horses got into their rings at the assigned times and we have a practice in the main arena. This is an amazing site, with a view overlooking the Queen’s Summer Palace. The skyline of London is breathtaking.

A handful of us will go downtown later for team processing. Basically this is to pick up all the kit we get, the clothes, bags, etc.

We had a security meeting last night and were told that this Olympics has put London on the highest alert. Security officials need to know about our every move, where we’ll be eating dinner, and sightseeing or other things of that sort. They have to know how to find us in the event of a problem.

We’ve been told that pickpockets have moved in from the European mainland and are causing major problems. Apparently it’s the Olympics for pickpockets as well.

The four days of eventing competition is scheduled to begin on Saturday, July 28.

Olympian Tiana Coudray with her horse, Ringwood Magister.
Checking out the farrier supply area.
The farrier workshop at the Olympic venue.
Bar stock in the farrier supply area.

Pennsylvania farrier Steve Teichman has helped provide hoof care for the U.S. Olympic Equestrian Team in Sydney and Athens. While in England participating in the evaluation and selection of horses for the 2012 U.S. 3-Day Eventing team, he provided updates as the Olympics progressed. Click here to read more from Olympic Shoeing With Steve Teichman series.